About Us

We are a faith-based clinic, operating as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization under the rules of the federal government, IRC span 170. We exist solely through the generosity of various churches, hospital organizations, service organizations, and private donors. Our staff consists entirely of unpaid volunteers.

Not only is medical and dental treatment given at no cost, but we also maintain relationships with pharmaceutical houses to obtain certain more-expensive medications at no cost to patients enrolled in our Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (PAP). Medications of lesser expense may be available at no cost from our pharmacy or may be purchased at Wal-Mart, typically for $4. We are sometimes able to finance medication purchases through the distribution to patients of Wal-Mart gift cards.

Our concern for and treatment of our patients is expressed in our vision, which is

Motivated by the love of Christ, and in obedience to His command to serve the poor,
the Good Samaritan Clinic exists to provide primary medical and dental
care to the uninsured of the community through volunteer providers.

We begin each clinic with a short prayer session in which we ask spiritual aid for our patients, our providers, and the clinic. Patients present at prayer time are welcome to participate.

We are not a walk-in clinic. Patients must qualify initially and annually thereafter to show that they are residents of West Volusia county and have income falling below the federal 200% poverty level. Since our financial records are subject to audit by regulatory agencies, we must request and maintain documentation from our patients to show they meet these criteria.

Once qualified, the Good Samaritan Clinic becomes your health-care home. Most of our providers treat patients at the clinic. A few physicians choose to treat patients in their offices, typically in cases where special equipment is required. In order that the clinic may be fully aware of patient treatment procedures and medication prescribed, patients may not be treated at other clinics and may not contact providers except through the clinic.

We are not a new or struggling organization. We have been in existence for ten years, during which time we established a dental clinic which has itself been in existence for five years. We have acquired equipment appropriate to our needs, including modern digital dental x-ray equipment. The community has recognized our success, and supports the Good Samaritan Clinic.

Our Board of Directors consists of Dr. Lyle Wadsworth, MD (Medical Director); Dr. Rajiv Patel, DDS (Acting Dental Director); Dr. Frank Reed, MD; Reverend Thomas Connery, PhD; Dr. Michael Kelly, DMD; John Joslin, MNRN; Rosemarie Latham, ARNP; Martha Andrews, RDH; Mary DeLouis, RN; Gail Petracca, RN; Patricia Andrews; Kendra Cox, RN; Susan Wilson, RDH; Tim Cook, CEO Florida Hospital DeLand, and Mary Gusky. We work closely with Florida Hospital DeLand, where one of our goals is to reduce their incidence of emergency room visits.

Our health-care providers operate under Florida's Sovereign Immunity program, which means that as unpaid volunteers they are immune from litigation arising from their work at the clinic.

Telephone: (386) 738-6990 (24/7 Voicemail)