Medical Services
We provide or treat:We do NOT provide:
    Illness, such as diabetes and COPD     Surgery
    Injury     Emergency room fees
    Mammograms     Hospitalization
    PAP tests     HIV/AIDS tests
    Physical examinations     Extensive specific lab workup
    Mental health issues
    Standard lab tests such as blood labs and x-rays

Dental Services
We provide or treat:                     We do NOT provide:
    Fillings     Bridges
    Extractions     Crowns
    Cleanings     Dentures

Pharmaceutical Services
We provide:
    Most routine medications prescribed by our providers and in inventory
    Refills of most routine medications prescribed by our providers and in inventory
    Non-routine medications and refills through our Pharmacy Assistance Program (PAP)

We do NOT provide:
    Medications prescribed by our providers but not in inventory - obtain these from Publix or WalMart
    Narcotic medications

Diabetic Health Counseling
Our certified diabetic counselor registered nurse provides ongoing group counseling to assist patients diagnosed with diabetes to manage their illness. This includes weight control and selection and preparation of foods recommended for diabetic patients. Each Good Samaritan patient who is diagnosed as having diabetes is required to attend at least two of these counseling sessions per year in order to continue as a Good Samaritan patient.

Life Skills Counseling
Our certified life skills coach provides ongoing one-on-one counseling to assist patients in making choices appropriate to improving their life style. This optional service is offered to any patient who chooses.

Telephone: (386) 738-6990 (24/7 Voicemail)