About Us

Good Samaritan Clinic is a non-profit 501(c)(3) faith-based medical and dental organization. The Clinic exists solely through the generosity of churches, medical facilities, service organizations, and private donors. Our staff overwhelmingly consists of unpaid volunteers.

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Good Samaritan Clinic offers medical and dental treatment, select prescriptions, and counseling to qualified patients at no cost to them.

We accommodate walk-in patients on an individual basis IF the medical or dental provider is available and is not fully booked. A walk-in patient may expect that patients with appointments may be seen ahead of him/her. Normally, patients must initially qualify for services and requalify annually thereafter.

We begin each clinic with a short prayer session in which we ask spiritual aid for our patients, our providers, and the clinic. Patients present at prayer time are welcome to participate. Motivated by the love of Christ, and in obedience to His command to serve the poor, the Good Samaritan Clinic exists to provide primary medical and dental care to the uninsured of the community through volunteer providers.

Good Samaritan Clinic’s Board of Directors consists of Martha Andrews, RDH, President; Dr. Lyle Wadsworth, MD; Dr. Francis Reed, MD; Dr. Christopher Smith, MD; Dr. Dale Batten, DMD; Janice Hess, APRN; Terry Daniels, Treasurer; Jill Lazar, Vice President; Mary DeLouis, RN, Secretary; Mary Gusky; Sara Caldwell, JD; Shelley Spore; and Pat Andrews.

Our leadership team works closely with Florida Hospital DeLand to reduce the number of emergency room visits. Our health-care providers operate under Florida's Sovereign Immunity program, which means that as unpaid volunteers they are immune from litigation arising from their work at the clinic.