Good Samaritan Clinic can treat the uninsured and disadvantaged of our community only through the generosity of our donors. Because we are staffed by volunteers, donors may be certain that their gift will be applied to the poor and uninsured of our community, and not to salaries. Several churches and individuals contribute monthly. Since we are a certified 501 (c)(3) organization, all contributions are deductible.

Endowment Fund
Do you know we have an endowment fund? Our goal is to become independent of grants, and assure ongoing care for the uninsured and underprivileged of our community. How does an endowment work? An endowment fund is a financial nest egg. Your contribution is never spent. Interest generated guarantees that your legacy contribution continues to help the poor and uninsured of the community year after year. Legacy contributions are deductible, since we are a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. You may also donate real estate, stocks, bonds, and life insurance, and may include the Good Samaritan Clinic in your will.

Good Samaritan Clinic hosts an annual gala in October, usually at DeLand's Sanborn Center. This is an important event for Good Samaritan Clinic, as donations made at that time fund clinic operation for the coming year. Dinner and entertainment is provided. You can view our recent gala photos here.

Make A Secure Donation

Our regular donors of funds:
First United Methodist Church
St. Peter Catholic Church
First Presbyterian Church
Dayspring Community Church
Trinity United Methodist Church
Immanuel Presbyterian Church
New Covenant Baptist Church
Four Towns Community Church
Liv It Church
Jim and Mary Agnew
John and Martha Andrews
Susan Brague
Reverand Thomas Connery
Anthony and Sharon Cemelich
Georgia Cowan
Robert and Kendra Cox
Terry and Laurie Daniels
Mary DeLouis
Edward Dolan
Dreggors, Rigsby and Teal
Judith Duecker
Laramie Gilder
Philip Goldthwait
Larry and Linda Hall
Lillian Harris
Mary Theresa Izzo, ARNP
John and Pat Joslin
Erin Kappiris
Michael T. Kelly, DMD
Patrick Lane
Rosemary Latham, ARNP
Robert and Jill Lazar
Kay LeDoux
Ellen Ludewig
Dr. Gary and Eunice Maris
Terry Medlin
Diane Melvin
Ric Morgan
Ron Munizzi
Nancy and Terry Myers
Dr. Reginald Schutt-Aine
Robert Sollien
Carol Squibb
DeLand Nissan

Or, you may donate in-kind

You may donate equipment or supplies to Good Samaritan Clinic. Your donation is deductible, since we are a certified 501 (c)(3) charitable organization.

We can usually accept:
    1. Modern working computers
    2. Modern working tablets, such as iPads
    3. Walkers in good working condition
    4. Electric scooters in good working condition
    5. Bicycles in good working condition
    6. DVD players in good working condition
    7. Flat screen television sets in good working condition
    8. Services of various sorts

We cannot accept:
    1. Medication of any sort (state law prohibits)
    2. Most furniture
    3. Crutches
    4. Anything with a past expiry date
    5. Computer software
    6. Computer USB storage devices (because of viruses)
    7. Computer external hard drives (because of viruses)
    8. Books or magazines

Donors of in-kind items or service to Good Samaritan Clinic:
    Quality Quickprint - signs and printing
    Lowes - flooring
    Dr. Dale Batten - Panorex components
    Dr. David Lloyd - furniture
    Leroux's Lawn Service - landscaping
    Maizie Carroll - flowers and gardening
    Virtech Corporation - computer components