Good Samaritan Clinic is always looking for volunteers. Pay is non-existent, but rewards are great. We operate the clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so your volunteered time might be just a few hours each month.

Front desk staff, Qualifiers, Pharmacy Assistant Clerks, Prayer Warriors and Dental Assistants are positions requiring no certification.

Nurses, Medical providers, Dental providers, Dental hygienists, and Pharmacists all require current professional certification.

Should a Medical or Dental provider prefer a service day other than Monday, Wednesday or Friday, we will make special arrangements.

We also have a Pharmacy Assistance Program (PAP) clerk who is uncertified, and can determine his/her own schedule.

We desperately need Qualifiers. These require no certification. The Qualifier meets with the Applicant for clinic services to assess the Applicant's income and need. The job is not difficult, and provides the opportunity to meet people.

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